Installation – Prise en main du logiciel OpenFluid (UMR LISAH) sur Debian

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Ce tutoriel d’installation a été écrit par Jonathan Vanhouteghem en mai 2014.


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I. OpenFLUID installation on Debian 7

I.1 Prerequisites installation
• apt-get update
apt-get install g++ cmake debhelper pkg-config doxygen  libboost-all-dev libqt4-dev libgdal1-dev libgeos++-dev  gnuplot p7zip-full graphviz

I.2. Source code download
• (Download page:
Which gives : wget
• Unzip : tar -xzf nomduzip

I.3 OpenFLUID installation (clear instructions in README document)
In the unzipped repertory :
• mkdir _build
cd build
cpack -G DEB
make install

II. First use of OpenFLUID (OF)

II.1 Download of the example data

mkdir (this one is at my home on /home/jvh/openfluid/workspace/input).
• Download of the data which are present on the OF website  ( : wget
• Unzip : tar -xzf nomdurepertoire

II.2 OpenFLUID launch
OpenFLUID can be lauched with the command openfluid (the help can be obtained with openfluid –help) to which we add the path to the inputs and outputs, which gives: openfluid -i /home/jvh/openfluid/workspace/input/ -o /home/jvh/openfluid/workspace/output/

Then, the program ends with the following message: *** simulation completed ***

II.3 Errors and solutions

• OpenFLUID ERROR: directory /root/.openfluid/OPENFLUID.IN does not exist (sent by OpenFLUID framework, from FluidXDescriptor::loadFromDirectory) :
–> The inputs path is not specified, for example : openfluid -i /home/jvh/openfluid/workspace/input/pw0-startusing/start/projet_exemple

• OpenFLUID ERROR: no fluidx file found in directory /home/jvh/openfluid/workspace/input/pw0-startusing/start/projet_exemple (sent by OpenFLUID framework, from FluidXDescriptor::loadFromDirectory) :
–> The inputs path is specified but has no fluidx file. A part of the path was missing in our previous example. Which gives: openfluid -i /home/jvh/openfluid/workspace/input/pw0-startusing/start/projet_exemple/IN/

• OpenFLUID ERROR: Compatibility version mismatch for plugin file (sent by OpenFLUID framework, from WarePluginsManager::buildWareContainerWithSignatureOnly) :
It is necessary to recompile. To do this :
1- Download the source code of MHYDAS : wget
2- Decompress the tar.gz (tar -xzf nomduzip)
3- For each file: (4 in all)
•  create a _build, for example cd water-surf.transfert.hayami then mkdir _build
• cmake ..
• make install

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